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COMMISSIONS: A Painting Just for YOU!
Arkansas Travelers, for Craig Hospital, Colorado

I really enjoy painting commissions for people, especially of places I know well, such as the Grand Canyon, the Rogue River, the Sierra, my backyard, and around Boulder and the Rockies. I can work from your photographs or my own extensive collection of photos and sketches.

It helps me a great deal if you can be as clear as possible about what you want. If you have a particular place or photograph in mind that you want for your painting, that is very helpful. Sometimes folks want a painting just like another one I have done. I generally can't do this very well, but if you can tell me what you like about the first painting, I can usually find something with a similar quality for you. Try to tell me what kind of feeling you want in your painting and whether you want a vertical or horizontal format. Also, if there are any colors which you want to match or avoid in your painting, you should tell me that as well.

Examples of Commissioned Work:
For your commission, I usually spend a bunch of time talking to you about what you want. Then I make a small sketch or mock-up of some ideas I have, based on what you have told me. This gives you something concrete to look at and decide if we are going in the right direction. Only after you approve the sketch with whatever changes you want, do I start the painting.

Generally on commissions, I ask for 50% down, with the remaining 50% due on receipt of your painting. If your painting ends up not being what you want, then I will refund the entire amount, when you return it. (There are exceptions to this. For instance, if you wanted a painting of your airplane in all its glory and then did not like it, I probably could not resell it, and so would want to keep some of your deposit.) My prices are based on size, and are as follows:

Size of painting
11" x 15"
15" x 23"
23" x 30"
Up to 40" x 60"

Framed size
19" x 23"
23" x 31"
32" x 40"

up to $9,500

The price does not include shipping or framing.

Elizabeth @ ElizabethBlackArt.com
4340 N. 13th St., Boulder, CO 80304

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