"The War of the Roses, North Boulder "
30" x 64 "
Completed 2005
Oil on Canvas
 $2500, or best offer
Giclée print (8” x 16”) : $55 (plus $10s/h)
War of the Roses, North Boulder

"The gentleman depicted here loves his roses and has reached the end of his rope. The prairie dogs in the neighboring field have reached population densities of 2 to 7 times normal, and have denuded their side of the fence. Now they are working on their neighbor's yard. It takes a minimum of 5 months and $1500 to get a permit to kill prairie dogs on your own land in Boulder. (See http://www.ci.boulder.co.us/planning/PrairieDogs/index.htm ). This gentleman has decided to take the law into his own hands and defend his roses."


"CORRECTION: This man has made the same mistake I did, and only consulted the City of Boulder Web-site. The web-site states that ' the new ordinance requires that a landowner obtains a permit from the city before use of any form of lethal control on prairie dogs.' The site then goes on to list a long string of requirements, fees, and processes that the landowner must comply with. However, if you read the actual ordinance in the Boulder Revised Code, it states, way in the back, in Section 6-1-36 (h)

'h) Owners or occupants of residential lots containing a single residence may, at any time, obtain a lethal control permit to exterminate prairie dogs on their property. No fee shall be charged for such a lethal control permit and no waiting period longer than that period of time reasonably required to process an application shall be required.'

I apologize that I did not read the actual ordinance in its entirety earlier. This aspect of the ordinance has not been publicized, and so perhaps you can understand this man's and my error. Elizabeth Black "