Havasu, My Love! circa 1989, Grand Canyon, Arizona

"Havasu, My Love! circa 1989 "
30" x 40 "
Completed 2014
Oil on board
Private Collection,

Giclée print (8” x 11”) : $35 (plus $15s/h)
Giclée print (12” x 17”) : $85 (plus $15s/h)

Havasu is a side-canyon in the lower Grand Canyon.  Lush trees and grapevines there create shady nooks for late-blooming river romances.  Havasu’s travertine-laden turquoise waters cement organic debris to rock, building little terraced pools and tall waterfalls.  Sadly, the trees and pools at Lower Beaver Falls, pictured here, no longer exist.  They were destroyed by 3 huge flash floods in the early 1990’s.  But Havasu’s travertine waters are still cementing debris and rebuilding new pools.  If climate-change does not bring many more flash floods, then places like this will reappear along Havasu Creek in a couple more decades.