"Comanche Point, Mile 67, On the Grand "
 30" x 64 "
 Completed 2006
 Oil on Canvas
Private Collection SOLD
Comanche Point, Mile 67, Grand Canyon

This is the view from the middle of the Colorado River, in the upper Grand Canyon, just above Tanner Rapid.  The cliffs in the background are called the “Palisades of the Desert”.  The Tanner Trail, also known as the Horse Thief Trail, traverses the hills in the foreground, and winds up to the rim of the Canyon, quite a ways downstream at Lipan Point.  In olden-days, horse thieves in Arizona would drive their stolen horses down the Horse Thief Trail, swim them across the river very close to here, change their brands, and drive them up the other side of the Canyon to sell in Utah.  Today, you are much more likely to see back-packers or boaters along the old Horse Thief Trail.  But the country is still just as wild and unforgiving.